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Effective Treatments for Your Allergies

End your battles with seasonal or food allergies with treatment that will clear up your symptoms in a heartbeat. Allergy & Urgent Care provides testing as well as treatment for a wide variety of allergies, asthma, and other breathing ailments.

Allergy Skin Testing 

Skin allergies can cause you great discomfort. If you need treatment, don't wait to call. We offer several medications and shot options to help relieve you from your allergies. Call us now and let us get you back on the road feeling better.
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for information on our allergy treatments.
"Dr. Sanders and staff were excellent in their treatment of my chronic allergies. Since ending my treatments several years ago, I have had few, if any upper respiratory problems. Before I met Dr. Saunders and his great staff, I enjoyed a lifetime of hay fever, sinus infections, and other breathing problems. They are top notch in my book and made my life better. Thanks Dr. Bill and staff!" 

- Brian Sganga
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